The Editorial Intelligence UK Comment Awards celebrate the achievements of the UK’s finest and most influential print and online commentators and their editors.

2018 is The UK Comment Awards' tenth year.

Ten Years on, the UK Comment Awards celebrate their first decade with new categories for including Science & Data Commentator of the Year and Commentator’s Commentator. This year we will publish a commemorative look at how comment in the UK has changed in an era which has seen the inexorable rise of digital, the citizen’s voice in comment, and futurecasts what the Comment of the next decade will focus on.

As ever, our judges are diverse and range from well-known senior voices and faces to up and coming individuals who read and consume opinion avidly across the political spectrum. See our judges for 2018 here.

The UK Comment Awards 10th anniversary will be hosted by our Lead Partner, Edwardian Hotels at their beautiful May Fair Hotel in Mayfair.

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